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Section 1: The Economic Problem.

Section 2: The Market.

We’ll study the demand and supply functions and the market equilibrium.

Section 3: Elasticity.

Demand and Supply elasticities.

Section 4: Government Policies.

The Government can influence the market through various policies that can restrict market prices (price floor/ceiling ) or market quantities (quotas). There are other policies where the Government can influence market prices and quantities indirectly by influencing producers of consumers (Subsidies & Taxes)

Section 5: The Firm (Supply Side)

Firm’s profit maximizing output decision conditions. We’ll study the production and cost structures faces by firms, and different market conditions that result from these production and cost structures. The two market structures that we’ll cover in this course are Perfect competition and Monopoly.

Section 6: The Consumer (Demand Side)

How Consumer ‘s – Utility & Budget constraints produces the demand function. You’ll finally see how an individual consumer’s demand is a result of him maximizing his benefits. Indifference curves will be studies in detail.

Section 7: Externality

Production and Consumption Externalities and how it relates to inefficiencies in the market place. Some policies to mitigate the inefficiencies.